Sphere RTU

Description of what the Sphere RTU is.

The Sphere RTU was designed for companies such as HLJH and Anko to allow them to obtain their desired values to display on the DHQ.

The main difference of the RTU is that it is composed of three instances of node-red.

  1. RTU I/O

  2. RTU SW

  3. EI Main


  • Port 1880

  • EI-NAME is "rtu-io"


  • Port 1881

  • EI-NAME is "rtu-sw"

EI Main

  • Port 18880

  • EI-NAME is "ei-main"

There are also three other instances of node.js.

  1. ei-mms

  2. ei-log

  3. ei-web

Note: EI Web is ran on port 8080.

All the Node-RED instances are set with these following environment variables.

  • DC="dc@"

  • EI-NAME=""

  • APP-NAME=""

The values are sent from EI-Main only and Node-RED is set to isolated mode.

To initiate the other instances of Node-RED:

  • node-red -p 1881 -u user1

-p is for indicating the port and -u is indicating the user folder name.