Installing Applications

Installing all the applications needed to run

Run The Following Commands in Terminal

  1. Download Node-Red

  2. Download Motechat Nodes

    • navigate to node-red folder first ( cd ~/.node-red )

    • sudo npm install --unsafe-perm node-red-contrib-motechat

    • (make sure you download at the ~/.node-red folder otherwise it will not install)

  3. Download Sphere (must download to use Motechat)

    • sudo snap install sphere

    • Provided snap is already installed, if not sudo apt install snapd)

    • (If motebus in Sphere doesn't work, install it manually)


      • For Windows download the mbStack_W64.exe

      • For Linux download the mbStack_L64

      • For Raspbian download the mbStack_LARM

    • sudo npm install motebus

    • chmod 755 mbStack___

  4. Download SmartScreen

    • sudo snap install smartscreen

  5. Download ei-mms

    • sudo snap install ei-mms

  6. Installing CEC

    • curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

  7. Examples of using Motechat on Node-Red