Installation Environment

Things needed to do in order to set up the OS properly.

Use Raspberry Pi ( If using Raspberry Pi )

  1. Download Raspbian Stretch with Desktop

  2. Boot up Raspberry Pi

    • Follow steps to set up the OS

    • Use English as default language

Use Ubuntu Desktop with Virtualbox ( If using Mac or non-linux OS )

  • Install Virtualbox (version 6.08 or above)

  • Install Ubuntu Desktop (version 18.04 or above)

  • < It is possible to take more than 15 + mins for above actions to be completed >

  • Open VirtualBox

    • Hit <New> to Create New Operating System

    • Enter <Name> To be the name of your System

    • Enter <Type> that to <Linux>

    • Enter <Version> to < Ubuntu (64-bit) >

    • Hit <Continue> until exit all options

      • but increasing CPU from 1 to 2 or 4 may help utility

  • <Name> of the system should be seen on your VirtualBox

    • Right click the system

    • Select <Settings>

    • On Top of the Navigation Bar

      • Select <Storage>

      • On the left hand side of the menu shall see <Controller Devices>

      • In <Controller: IDE>

      • Select <IDE Secondary Master>

      • Browse to where your Ubuntu was dowloaded, select < UBUNTU -- your-version>

  • Back to VirtualBox main menu, then hit <Start>