Syntax for URLs

A description of how to enter the page from the URL directly.

The link to page://post is

To pass parameters through, simply add a "?" and pass in the other data desired.

The default parameters include:

  • ddn

    • the DDN of the blog hosted by WordPress

    • Default is YPCloud's

  • tags

    • the tags that the post has been attached with

    • Default is none

  • type

    • the type of media

    • Default is none

    • Type can be "images" or "video"

  • page

    • the page of the collection desired

    • Default is 1

  • per_page

    • number of items per page

    • Default is 10

  • order

    • the order of the items

    • Default is desc

    • Order can be "desc" or "asc"

  • orderby

    • sort collection by object attribute

    • Default is date

    • Orderby can be date, relevance, id, include, title, slug

  • author

    • Limit result set to posts assigned to specific authors

    • Default is none

Following are examples:




NOTE: tags require a %23 before the tag in the URL form since that is then parsed to a "#" and that each parameter is separated by a "&" sign