MoteChat HelloWorld

Last updated 2 months ago

Setting up MoteChat

Required Environment


  • Step A

    • Node.js source URL

    • Download and install Nodejs under 'C:\Program Files\nodejs' folder

    • Test the installation

      • Open <Cmd> shell and test if the installation was successful node -v //shows version of nodejs

  • Step B

    • Open <Cmd> shell and change directory to the Node.js folder cd C:\Program Files\nodejs

    • Initialize Nodejs' Node Package Manager (NPM) npm init //initialize the node package manager

      ...continuing to press 'enter' until finished with all the arguments that the installation throws up

    • Install MoteBus using NPM npm install motebus --save //install MoteBus

    • Install MoteChat using NPM npm install motechat --save //install MoteChat

    • Apply for an 'AppID' by project name

    • Configure the setup JSON files, namely, config.json, device.json and mote.json files located in "/conf" folder

      • config.json

      • device.json

      • mote.json